WordPress treachery

Generally speaking, I’m a *blogger* blogger, and I post regularly over here. But I also wanted to follow folks over at WordPress, and interact. Now I’m here, I have to admit, I do quite like it. I might hang around. I hate to say this but this might actually be better than blogger… 


I couldn’t agree more. As my husband and stepkids will attest. Wo betide them if they stand behind *my* sofa Lol


I hate people who read over my shoulder.

It’s one of the most distracting and irritating things to happen if you’re trying to work and you can see in your periphery that someone is watching you type. I don’t mind so much when I’m reading a newspaper or a magazine, though I’m always tempted to ask them if they want to buy their own copy. But reading whilst I’m trying to write it is just plain rude.

Maybe I should start from the beginning.

Because I sent my laptop off for repairs on Monday just gone, and I then realised just how difficult it was for me to work on a tablet without a physical keyboard, I decided that the best place to work would be the university library computers. So there I was, minding my own business and writing a two page synopsis (which has now turned into a…

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